Obagi Blue Peel

header_obagi_bluepeelWhat is the Obagi Blue Peel?

The Obagi BLUE PEEL is a one to four step application of blue solution mixed with TCA (Trichloracetic Acid). These applications will lead to the removal of thin surface layers of aged and damaged skin. Layers of dead skin cells exfoliate and are replaced by healthier ones, allowing the skin’s own clarity and tightness to resurface.

Who Should Consider an Obaji Blue Peel?

Anyone who wants to look better and reverse the appearance of the aging process. Those who have blemish-prone skin, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, sun damage, or general poor skin quality will benefit the most. If you are pregnant, please consult your physician first.

How is the Obagi Blue Peel Different than the Alpah Hydroxy Products?

The Obagi BLUE PEEL represents a breakthrough and significant improvement in skin rejuvenation. Using slow acting TCA, instead of glycolic acid, the Obagi BLUE PEEL enables the physician to control the peel process and its depth. The process is tailored to the nature of the problem to be corrected: wrinkles, scars, laxity or pigmentation problems.

Will the Obagi Blue Peel Procedure Damage My Skin?

No. Peeling the skin lightly in a controlled manner will not cause any damage to the skin. There are no internal toxic effects (TCA is not absorbed through the skin).

How many Obagi Blue Peels Can Be done?

Your doctor will determine how many peels are necessary to achieve the desired result. In most cases the procedure takes 25-30 minutes.

What Can I Expect?

Depending upon the condition of your skin, 1-4 coats of the Obagi BLUE PEEL solution will be applied. Most people will not require sedation. If the doctor indicates sedation, you will need someone to drive you home.

The Obagi Blue Peel and Nu-Derm System dramatically transforms skin at the cellular level so that it looks and acts younger and healthier.

At each level, you will experience a mild burning sensation that lasts 2 to 3 minutes. The doctor may use an electric fan to minimize this sensation. A Bluish tint remains on your skin: it will usually wash off in 12 to 24 hours. Your skin will begin to peel within 2 to 3 days and should be healed in an average of 7 to 10 days. This peeling should not disrupt your regular lifestyle.

Can the Obagi Blue Peel Procedure Be Used to Treat Other Parts of the Body?

Yes. The Obagi BLUE PEEL can be performed on the neck, chest, hands, back, arms and legs using the same technique as for the face. Discuss the benefits and process with your physician.

Can I do the Obagi Blue Peel Procedure Myself?

No. The Obagi BLUE PEEL is a medical procedure and MUST BE performed by a physician or a properly trained specialist working under his/her supervision.

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